June 5, 2014

At Coast & Country Vintage we are lovers of all things Vintage! We are a mother & daughter team and we love to transform old tired furniture and bits and pieces into new art pieces with many years left to be enjoyed.
If it’s shabby, old, seen better days or has a story to tell, we will most likely fall head over heels in love with it and see it’s potential to be ‘re-loved’ with the help of Chalk Paint or Milk Paint. If it’s old orange pine or a piece that is ‘just a cabinet’ or ‘just a set of drawers’, chances are with a bit of painted love it can be transformed into a room show piece!

Shabby Chic and French style furniture is ‘in’ because it compliments the vintage look that people  love and appreciate so much. But lets face it, the price tags can be heart failure material!
The BEST news is that by doing it yourself you can save huge $$$ and have a lot of fun in the process!
When we first discovered how easy it was to transform a piece of furniture, we were so excited and couldn’t sleep with all the possibilities running through our minds!

Chalk paint & Milk Paint are fairly new to Australia, but they are BIG in the USA and we predict they will be here too, once people know what it’s all about. Gone are the days of sanding, priming, sanding again, two coats of paint and blood sweat and tears at attempts to distress your piece through all those layers.

So what’s the difference between Chalk Paint & Milk Paint? Read on!

Coast & Country Vintage

Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint is NOT chalkboard paint…it’s a completely different thing. Chalk Paint is a revolutionary kind of paint that allows you to paint straight onto varnished and pre-painted surfaces with little to no preparation. You can even paint straight onto metal, ceramics, glass, stone, plastic, plaster, in fact almost anything! No need for expensive primers and sweating it out sanding or stripping varnishes off, you just wipe your piece down and start painting! Could it really be that simple? Yes! We are here to tell you, it really is that simple. And because it’s so simple it’s FUN!
Until now, the only chalk paints available in Australia have been ones with pretty hefty price tags. We’ve used them and we loved them, but our bank account didn’t. And the colours all came premixed so whilst they were pretty colours, you were limited to those colours.
Enter Websters Chalk Paint Powder!

Websters has been in the USA for a while now but only arrived on Aussie shores in early 2014. We are just beyond excited to share this wonderful product with you all! Websters is a powder additive that you can add to ANY low sheen or matt paint to make Chalk Style Paint. Being able to use ANY paint makes it so affordable that everyone can do it. Buy a sample pot of your favourite colour, add Websters, and you can paint a piece of furniture for as little at $9. Yes please! Any paint, any colour, and inexpensive.
Three for three. And because you can add it to ANY paint, you can even choose to use some of the wonderful ‘eviro’ paints that are now available here in Australia.
And the best part is that it is a beautiful product to work with. It paints on smoothly and distresses easily making it the perfect product for shabby chic styling.
We loved and believed in this product so much we decided to become stockists so we can share the love with others!

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is a powdered, no VOC’s product that can be traced back all the way to ancient carvings and art. It is safe for children’s furniture, painting projects indoors and use during pregnancy. It is made of only five natural ingredients – clay, limestone, chalk, casein (milk protein) and iron oxides for pigments. Milk Paint powder is mixed with water to make up the paint and MMSMP comes in 18 gorgeous colours which were developed in keeping with reproducing the old style furniture colours/look. Milk Paint dries very hard and will soak into unfinished timber creating a solid finish that will not chip. Painting Milk Paint on varnished surfaces will often result in the old fashioned ‘chippy’ look which is very hard to achieve with Chalk Paint and is also easy to distress. You can also achieve an opaque finish with Milk Paint by adding some Bonding Agent to the paint mix. Sanding Milk Paint before waxing will produce a smooth buttery finish. We’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of MMSMP in Australia after watching all the fun our American friends have been having with it, and now it’s HERE!
We are so pleased to be the stockists of MMSMP for Gippsland/Sth Gippsland and the Southern Melb suburbs.

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Australia

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – Linen

 We run workshops for both Websters & Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for groups of 6-8 people throughout the Gippsland/South Gippsland and Sth Eastern Melbourne Suburbs.
There will also be some advanced workshops happening as well as workshops just for children during the school holiday periods. Yes these products are so safe and natural that even children can use them.

Chalk Paint  & Milk Paint needs to be finished with a protective coat to seal and complete your piece. We have tried a range of waxes, mostly solvent based which are tough on your hands, but we LOVE to use all the beautiful waxes in the Miss Mustard Seed line up, plus we have recently discovered L’essentiel Waxes. L’essentiel waxes are all Australian and are so easy to use, not to mention very affordable.  Websters plus L’essentiel Wax is a match made in heaven and so it’s our product of choice for finishing our chalk painted work.
For our Milk Painted furniture we love to use Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil or either the furniture wax, Antiquing Wax or White Wax.

If you need some inspiration, check our our ‘Transformations’ page and look through the before and afters.
If you’d like to try some  MMS Milk Paint, Websters, or the beautiful L’essentiel Wax,  we have sample sizes of all three products for you to try for just a few dollars. Click HERE for MMSMP or HERE for Websters & L’Essentiel products.You won’t regret it one little bit, we promise. 🙂

Whilst painting furniture is the best ever hobby, we both have ‘other jobs’ too. Here’s a little more about us for the curious people out there !


Anna is an Early Childhood Educator and works/studies full time. In her spare time when she is not painting furniture, she is slowly rebuilding her ’61 Morris Minor  “L’il Blu” with the help of her Dad. Most weekends see them out in the shed with heads down and bottoms up tinkering away. 


Hayley is an accredited Professional Photographer and owns and runs Heartfelt Images on Phillip Island. She photographs families (including pets), beautiful newborn babies and the occasional wedding. It’s an extra bonus to have the skills and gear available to style and photograph our beautiful finished pieces!