This week I had fun playing with two new products! I LOVE new stuff!
I’ve been eyeing off the gorgeous I.O.D (Iron Orchid Decor) Transfers for some time now but it’s only recently that I found they were available in Australia. I couldn’t get them in my hot little hands quickly enough!
The transfers are like those little rub on transfers we had as kids….only these are ginormous! (well there’s some smaller ones too……). They are mostly French Style but a few Vintage Style transfers as well.
Whilst my transfers were in transit I sourced the perfect piece to try one out on….this vintage blanket chest. The lady I bought it from had it for 40 years  and said it was fairly old then so I know it’s genuine ‘vintage’!
It also had a very uninteresting applique stuck smack bang at the front and centre of the box….but I was sure I’d be able to snazzy that up a bit. Here we go… aged shellac……icky.
BlanketBoxBeforeThe shellac finish on this piece was very brittle and literally fell off with just a light sand with 180 grit sandpaper. I know a lot of paints advertise as ‘no prep’ and ‘no sanding necessary’ but my firm belief is that this statement is far too simplified and fails to address the fact that every piece of furniture is different and should therefore be evaluated individually. Had I just wiped this piece down my paint most certainly would not have stayed put long term and most likely would have ended up with bits of shellac flakes all through it.
Prep Is Important
I wanted to road test one of the newest Fusion Mineral Paint colours ‘Raw Silk’ for this piece and was a little concerned that this piece may *bleed* so I gave it two coats of Zinsser Bullseye Clear Shellac before I started painting the light colour.
Here’s a pic of Raw Silk. Isn’t it gorgeous!
Fusion Mineral Paint Raw SilkIMG_20170108_131825Here she is with a few coats of Raw Silk. Excuse the crummy phone pic! Such a pretty colour….somewhere between Casement and Champlain in colour. Looks nice…certainly a lot fresher…but I certainly wasn’t about to deviate from my transfer plans!
I didn’t take any photos whilst applying the transfer as that would have been a bit tricky but it was SO super easy! The transfers can be applied in the order they are printed in or you can cut them apart to suit the layout of your piece or to use on multiple pieces. The position of the existing applique turned out to be far more restrictive than I envisaged so I needed to mix my transfer up quite a bit to make the layout pleasing and balanced! I had a giggle to myself wondering what a true Frenchman would think reading my wording that was essentially all the wrong way around…but hey it looks pretty so I’m happy enough!You simply peel the backing paper off the transfer , lay it down on your painted piece and use the rubbing stick (supplied) to rub the transfer on. This whole transfer only took about 20 minutes!What do you think?
IOD Transfers AustraliaIOD Transfers AustraliaIOD Transfers AustraliaIron Orchid Decor TransfersIOD Transfers AustraliaIOD Transfers AustraliaFusion Mineral PaintIOD Transfers MelbourneFurniture Transfers MelbourneIOD Transfers AustraliaI often paint the interiors of my pieces but this was in such great condition that I chose not to.
One of the things I LOVE so much about Fusion Mineral Paint is that is doesn’t require a top coat. True! No waxing necessary……BUT when using the IOD Transfers it’s recommended that you do use a sealer to help preserve the transfer. Enter Fusion Tough Coat! Tough Coat is a matte finish water based polyurethane that is guaranteed not to yellow. It’s been tried and tested so you can confidently use it over your lights and white without any concern that it may change the colour. The best part is it’s so easy to use, either with a paint brush or as a wipe on poly (my choice for flat surfaces). And it dries super quick…touch dry in about 15 mins and re-coat in two hours. What’s not to love. 🙂
IOD Transfers AustraliaIOD Transfers Australia
The IOD Transfers are now available for purchase in both my stall spaces, Waverley Antique Bazaar (Stall B4) 11a Aristoc Rd, Glen Waverley & Cowes Bazaar & Gallery (Stall18), 158 Thompson Avenue, Cowes, Phillip Island. They will also be available from my website in the next few days! Get one today! You’ve LOVE them!
Stay tuned for an introduction to the IOD Vintage Stamp range coming to Coast & Country Vintage soon too! The stock is here….just playing a bit before releasing it all to you guys….but I’m telling you it’s delicious! Be sure to pop over and visit the official Iron Orchid Decor Website for more inspiration and eye candy!
IOD LogoIOD Transfers Waverley Antique BazaarIOD Transfers Waverley Antique BazaarWaverley Antique Bazaar Stall B4IOD Transfers Waverley Antique BazaarCoast & Country Vintage

It never ceases to amaze me what a little bit of paint can achieve! Take a cruddy old piece of furniture that nobody wants and make it into a unique masterpiece with just a little love and a little paint! One of my favourite types of paint to use is Milk Paint (specifically of the Miss Mustard Seed kind 😉 )

Milk Paint challenges my perfectionism and instead offers an unpredictable outcome…which I find strangely exciting!
Milk Paint in it’s very essence is quirky, unpredictable and most certainly the most unique paint on the market. Because Milk Paint is a powdered paint made up of various coloured pigments, the colours are somewhat imperfect which is what gives the finished piece such a unique ‘age old’ appearance. Perfectly imperfect and a finish unlike any other type of paint. Add Bonding Agent for an opaque finish and distress (or not) however you please….or leave the Bonding Agent out and leave it to it’s own devices to go ‘chippy’ at will. Yes I’m talking about it like it has a will of it’s own….because it does!
There’s no factory finishes and no 100% planned outcomes……basically it’s a case of ‘it is what it is’. I like that. It means I will end up with a unique one of a kind piece that can never be 100% replicated.
I picked up this little corner unit on our local buy and sell. Typical orange pine and generally unpopular in style. I challenged myself to turn this little unit into a French inspired piece that would be a statement piece in any French themed home. Here she is waiting for her makeover.
Milk Paint AustraliaMy first step in achieving  the French style I was going for was to add some pretty appliques. My favourite ‘goto’ appliques are from the Efex Decorative Appliques range which are made from bendable latex and so extremely versatile. They are bendable, paintable, stainable and easy to apply. I wanted ‘pretty’ so you can’t go past bows and swags and the Federal Half Swag was ideal.
Efex Appliques AustraliaThe half swag is generally used to make a continuous row of swags like this. How gorgeous is that effect!
Efex Decorative Appliques AustraliaBut if you wanted just the swag….you needed to buy two appliques just to get the end bow. I messaged the lovely Kristen from Efex with the suggestion that an end bow would make this applique more affordable and versatile. Within a few weeks Efex had added an end bow to the line up and sent me some of the first run to try out! You have to love a company who listens to what their customers want! Thank you Kristen & Efex Decorative Appliques! Here’s the swag and the new end bow.
Efex Appliques AustraliaI got to applying the appliques and chose to add a single end bow to each side to tie it all together. I can see that just the bow alone will be a very popular applique!
At this point I took some video footage to show how to apply the appliques with contact cement but am yet to master the art of getting the video from my camera to my blog! Unfortunately I was so absorbed in taking the video I neglected to take still! So here’s where your imagination comes in 😉 If I work it out I’ll post the video in here down the track!

I chose my favourite Miss Mustard Seed colour ‘Mora’ – a beautiful silver grey with blue undertones from the European Collection –  as my main colour but first I painted a couple of coats of the newest addition to the MMSMP line up ‘Farmhouse White’. Farmhouse White has really good coverage for a white and has more of a grey undertone than Ironstone. Truly a new favourite! (Incidentally….there is still ONE packet of Farmhouse White out there somewhere in Australia with a ‘golden’ (white) ticket hidden inside…and the lucky recipient will win $250 worth of Miss Mustard Seed products!)
Milk Paint AustraliaSo without further adieu…here’s my little French Corner Unit! What do you think? Would you recognise it?
Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint MoraEfex Appliques AustraliaEfex Decorative Appliques AustraliaThe whole piece was lightly sanded to a buttery smooth finish (very easy with Milk Paint) and sanded a little heavier in places to allow the Farmhouse White to peep through. It was then finished with Miss Mustard Seed’s Clear Furniture Wax followed by a layer of MMS White Wax to complete the French look. Before waxing, the Efex appliques were dry brushed with the colour Bergere (also from the European Collection) so give them even more depth and the White Wax sits beautifully in all the grooves and highlights the details of the appliques.See how cute the ‘end bows’ look even on their own?
Efex AppliquesMilk Paint AustraliaMilk Paint MoraEfexEfex Appliques Federal Half SwagBefore & AfterBefore And After
Here’s a set of bedsides I painted with Mora a few months back. Read about that makeover here.
 Such a gorgeous colour!
Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaCoast & Country Vintage

A  child/baby safe paint has been seriously lacking for a long time now in the furniture painting market. Jennylyn Pringle at Fusion Mineral Paint wanted to develop a paint that was TRULY zero VOC and non-toxic for you and your loved ones. Through years of development they have achieved this without sacrificing quality and durability. Fusion is a best-in-class paint that features an environmentally and health conscious formulation!
Babies and young children are more susceptible to the health risks associated with VOCs (volatile organic compounds aka nasties). Fusion Mineral Paint is lead free, phlalate free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free, virtually odourless and is Zero VOC.

Fusion cares about you and your wee ones. The Tones for Tots collection complies with both the lead and phlalate restrictions of the Toy Safety Standards of North America and Europe, as well as the ASTM D4236 LHAMA safety labelling requirements.
Now that’s peace of mind! The Fusion Tones for Tots range comes in 7 adorably delicious colours just right for the little ones in your family or even the not so little!

I decided to create my first Tones for Tots makeover in the delicious pastel pink aptly named ‘Little Piggy’ with accents in ‘Little Stork’ which is the palest Lavender shade. Yummy!
Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy
Fusion Mineral Paint Tones For Tots

I’ve had this piece in the shed for some time now and it gradually got covered in ‘shed junk’ until it could barely be seen. (this pic was taken after junk removal!)Fusion Mineral Paint - Coast & Country Vintage
It was one of those pieces that I bought home without checking it properly and the backing and draw liners were quite borer damaged. It got put in the too hard basket (aka shed) where it stayed for two years. For some reason a soon as I saw the new Tones for Tots I decided that it would be super cool to dismantle that piece and make ‘his and hers’ cupboards from the ends. Simple right? Nope. Nothing is EVER that simple. Just pulling them apart was enough to have me stomping my feet and considering a bonfire…….thank goodness for helpful husbands!
Fusion Mineral Paint - Coast & Country VintageI was pretty excited about the whole ‘his and hers’ idea, one in Little Piggy and one in Little Speckled Frog with a different one of the gorgeous Tones For Tots Stencils on each door. One can dream right?
The end result of cupboard number one was just beautiful….but so much repair work (I had to add a new backing, shelving and repair the damage from where we had removed the centre part of the original sideboard and create a false panel so both sides matched) that the other piece has returned to the too hard basket (aka shed). On the upside, my woodworking skills are ever expanding!
I am pretty smitten with the end result of the Little Piggy cupboard though and I can now say it was worth it! The colour is just perfect both for little girls and big girls.
Fusion Mineral Paint - Coast & Country Vintage
I prettied the cupboard up with some Efex Decorative Appliques on the door and legs and dry brushed those with Little Stork. Subtle but sweet. Efex are made of latex and completely bendable. They are so easy to use and apply and add extra wow factor to any piece!
Fusion Mineral Paint - Coast & Country VintageFusion Mineral Paint - Coast & Country VintageTo add a little more dimension, I used the Fusion Sandstone Texture medium to make the stencil on the door into a raised stencil and again dry brushed the raised areas with Little Stork. It’s a little hard to see in the photos as it’s so subtle. Here’s a close up of the stencil. The colours are a bit funky in this image.
Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy
Fusion Mineral Paint Little PiggyFusion Mineral Paint Little PiggyThe adorable accessories used for styling this photo shoot are from chic online business Moose In The Moon.
Moose In The Moon  is a business committed to 
providing super cool products for babies, kids and parents that are safe for children and ethically sourced – supporting products that are not produced at the expense of anything else: people, animals or the environment.
When Moose In The Moose owner Karen was pregnant with her darling son and once he was born, she went to great lengths to find the most safe, beautiful, fun, natural and non-toxic products for both her son and herself to use and enjoy and that were kind to the environment too. “We, like every other parent, wanted to give our precious child the very best start in life that we possibly could – so keeping his magnificent little body and brain free of anything nasty was and is simply a must for us. We’re so happy to be able to provide a curated content of mostly handmade and made in Australia”. 

Make yourself a coffee and pop on over to Moose In The Moon to browse the range . There’s everything from ornamental decor and accessories to designer cot sheets and kids clothing.
Moose In The MoonMoose In The MoonFusion Mineral Paint - Coast & Country Vintage
The little chair was a $5 purchase from the Op Shop and my first foray into painting fabric….but that’s another post. Pretty cute huh?
It’s actually not quite finished as it needs proper braid around the edges but i so wanted to use it for this shoot. Painted in Little Piggy & Champlain…which looks silver even after four coats of paint.
Fusion Mineral Paint - Coast & Country VintageOf course as with every piece I hand paint, I used one of my trusty Cling On Paint Brushes which are fabulous for reducing brush marks (especially with Fusion….match made in heaven!)
Cling On! Australia
And a Before & After.
Before & After Fusion Mineral Paint
Coast & Country Vintage