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Pretty Corner Unit

January 26, 2015

Here’s another pretty piece that was overcome with ‘Orange Pine’ disease. Great bones & shape but the colour? My eyes my EYES!
I have had this in ‘storage’ in my eldest son’s bedroom (as you do when you run out of space to stash stuff!) and just a few weeks back it was deposited in my kitchen with instructions that it had to be dealt with as it wasn’t going back in his room. Sheesh!
I chose a combination of fresh Tiffany Blue & Cream as it needed to be pretty. 

I decided it needed to come up off the ground so I added some legs to it which made a huge difference.
I learned an important lesson in doing so…..corner units can be tippy without a flat bottom! So after these photos were taken (and with much dismay) I removed the longer legs and replaced them with sensible bun feet. I have to say that the bun feet looked really cute too, but I preferred the longer ones.
I think it looks pretty & French now!Coast & Country VintageCoast & Country VintageCoast & Country Vintage

This pretty piece is now SOLD.
Coast & Country Vintage

A few weeks back I was on my way home from an appointment in the city some two hours drive from home when I noted the suburb I was passing was having hard rubbish collection. Whilst that may be ho-hum to some, my eyes lit up as we don’t get hard rubbish collection where I live. I drove around for 30 minutes and filled my car with old chairs and this collection of pieces which I hoped would become a little table once again. One of the legs was a little broken but I was sure I could fix it….which of course I did.:) This was how it looked on the HR pile…..okay so I had already sanded the legs to remove the flaking shellac and mended the leg (which turned out to be an easy fix)when I took this photo but this is honestly how I found it piled, ready for the crusher. Fusion Mineral Paint AustraliaI had these sample pots of the new Fusion Mineral Paint that I will be stocked with in a few short weeks…and this project was the perfect size to try out a few of the colours. The sample pots come in singles as well as little packaged sets of four…which I LOVE as not only was I able to try four colours but I was able to see how well they went together in planning for a larger project. My sample pack had a beautiful soft vintage blue – ‘Champness’, a pretty cool blue/green – ‘Inglenook’, a neutral white – ‘Lamp White’ and a silver Gilding Paste (WOOT we have gilding paste in Australia finally!) I didn’t actually use the gilding pasteFusion Mineral Paint Australia on this particular project but tried it on a sample piece and I LOVE it. I can already see SO many uses for it! It comes in SIX fabulous colours, Silver, Gold, White, Copper, Bronze and Van Dyke Brown. Exciting hey! I was really impressed with how smoothly the paint went on….really rich and creamy and it levelled really well leaving very few brush marks.Although you are supposed to wait two hours before re-coating, it was touch dry in less than 30 minutes so I was able to switch colours & keep painting. The top of this little table had a circular leather insert which I also painted over. I was dying to try out one of my new stencils from Barleycorn Vintage Stencils too and the circular area was just crying out for something extra. I have just become a stockist for these great stencils too. Take a look HERE. When I heard that  Denise and her hubs Tony were starting out with a new business to bring beautiful, affordable Aussie Made stencils to us I couldn’t get on board and support them fast enough.:) We’ve been stencil deprived for far too long here in Aussie! Anyway, less talk and more photos! What do you think?Fusion Mineral Paint AustraliaFusion Mineral Paint AustraliaIt was actually a pretty small side table, just above knee height, so just an itty bitty thing but I loved the chance to try the new paint. It was a little hard to photograph well and in hindsight perhaps I should have used a more neutral background but it’s all about learning isn’t it! I really can’t wait to get a bigger pot of this fabulous paint and get stuck into a bigger piece. But then, I need time to decide which colour I want to try first! 🙂Fusion Mineral Paint AustraliaFusion Mineral Paint Australia I just have to have one more rave about how excited I am to be stocking Fusion Mineral Paint & Products and I can’t wait until my stock arrives in a few short weeks. SO many wonderful products that have been hard to get in Australia, Gilding Paste, Embossing Paste (for raised stencils), Texturising Paste, Transfer Gel Medium, Crackle that makes fine cracks, Metallic Tints and the list goes on! And yes I’ll be making tutorials to show you how to use it all to make the most wonderful furniture creations!Stay tuned!Coast & Country Vintage

I found this little pine wall shelf unit at a garage sale for $5. Very plain, but good ‘bones’ and I instantly had a mental image of what I would do with it! I’ve been looking for something like this for some time to display some of the smaller nick nacks I have for sale in my little store so was thrilled when I spied this one! I was excited that it had a nice big area at the top as I wanted to put a pretty applique on it. Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaI added a lovely big floral applique to the top part and three matching little rose appliques at the bottom to balance it out a little. NB: I’ll be stocking a selection of appliques in my store from the maker of these beautiful appliques in a few short weeks. 🙂 I gave it a quick sand and wiped it down then painted three coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s Shutter Grey. When it was dry I lightly distressed it, gave it two coats of  Miss Mustard Seed’s Clear Wax and then used Miss Mustard Seed’s White Wax over the applique detail. I really liked the end result! Pretty, but shabby. 🙂 And I LOVE Shutter Grey……it’s a grey with pretty blue tones through it. Have you tried it yet? Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaMiss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaMiss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaMiss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaSee those completely adorable little mini bears perched on the top of the shelf in the above & below images? They were made by my lovely long time friend Rosey Day. Rosey is a Bear Artist and Mini Bears are her specialty. You’ve never seen such amazing detail on such tiny bears and critters as those crafted by Rosey. And believe it or not, she makes even smaller bears and ‘friends’ too which are equally as exquisite. Do yourself a huge favour and pop over and have a look at her Blog HERE.  You’ll be glad you did. 🙂Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Australia Milk Paint AustraliaThis one is Araminta (yes, they are all individually named with a date of birth and Certificate of Authenticity as well 🙂 She’s a Fairy Bear with delicate dragonfly wings. She’s only 3 inches long , is fully jointed and stitched entirely by hand.Even that tiny nose is made stitch by stitch then waxed to perfection!Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaAnd this one is Liliane. She’s also 3 inches tall and stitched by hand. Rosey even hand makes all the little accessories to go with the bears, like the tiny rose buds in Liliane’s hair. Everyone should own a Rosey Day Original, they are exquisite beyond belief.Bears by Rosey DayA final Before & After 🙂Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaCoast & Country Vintage