Welcome! I'm Hayley from Coast & Country Vintage!

I've been painting & up-cycling furniture for a few years now and still love that every piece gives me the same buzz I got from my very first painted 'masterpiece'. I'm constantly amazed that I can take an old piece of unwanted furniture & give it a new lease of life just with a few coats of paint and a little attention to the groans and creaks!

If it's shabby, old, seen better days or has a story to tell, I will most likely fall head over heels in love with it and want to cart it home for some 're-loving'!
Old orange pine, a piece that is 'just a cabinet' or 'just a set of drawers', chances are it can be transformed into a room show piece!

Shabby Chic and French style furniture are both 'in' because this style compliments the vintage look that people love and appreciate so much right now. Let's face it though, the price tags on brand new Shabby Chic/French Provincial style furniture can be heart failure material!

The BEST news is that by doing it yourself you can save huge $$$ and have a lot of fun in the process! When I first discovered how easy it was to transform a piece of furniture, I was so excited I couldn't sleep with all the possibilities running through my mind!

Chalk Paint & Milk Paint are fairly new to Australia, but they are BIG in the USA and it's truly gaining momentum fast here in Australia now people are getting to know what it's all about. Gone are the days of sanding, priming, sanding again, two coats of paint and blood sweat and tears at attempts to distress your piece through all those layers.

Whilst I didn't start out with the intention of selling painting products and teaching workshops, the number of emails & messages I got asking how I did this and that lead me to the decision to start stocking some 'basics' and offering some workshops to teach 'the basic techniques' to those keen to learn.

Now 3 years on I stock two different paint lines and have an ever growing range of 'extras' for my customers to create masterpieces with....... appliques, hardware, stencils, gilding pastes and much more! My 'pokey' little corner at the Cowes Bazaar & Gallery has grown to a double space and I've recently acquired a HUGE space at the Waverley Antique Bazaar in Glen Waverley which is making getting hold of products so much easier for my Melbourne customers!

I LOVE sharing what I love to do with others and the satisfaction I feel when I see the delighted look on my workshop attendees faces when they view their very first masterpiece is just so rewarding.
This 'hobby' has connected me with painters & up-cyclers all over the world and I love seeing what people in other countries are doing and all the different styles of furniture!

I currently offer beginners workshops for both Furniture Painting 101 & the basics of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint as well as Fusion for groups of 6-8 people in Berwick and the Glen Waverley areas. Check my Workshops page for upcoming dates!

If you'd like to visit my shop spaces for a hands on look at all the products I have available, you can find Coast & Country Vintage at Stall B4 Waverley Antique Bazaar, 11a Aristoc Road, Glen Waverley and the Cowes Bazaar & Gallery, 158 Thompson Avenue, Cowes,Phillip Island, Victoria.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out my Transformations page to see some before and afters.

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I love to share my customer's masterpieces on my Facebook Page to help inspire others to have a go, so if you have something to share I'd love to hear from you!