Coast & Country Vintage can be found at the Waverley Antique Bazaar in Glen Waverley in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs. (Victoria, Australia!)

Coast & Country Vintage also stocks a small (but ever expanding) supply of Fusion Mineral Paint at Brinnie T Design in the main street of Cowes on Phillip Island.

Waverley Antique Bazaar Waverley Antique Bazaar
Stall B4
11a Aristoc Rd,
Glen Waverley, Victoria

Over 240 Stalls filled with an eclectic mix of vintage, antique & collectable temptations. Bring good walking shoes and an empty car!

Brinnie T Design
Shop 1/34 Thompson Avenue
Cowes, Phillip Island

In my search for the best paint products to sell in my store, I quickly narrowed it down to Fusion Mineral Paint™ as the absolute winner! Yes there are plenty more, but Fusion Paint & Products products resonated with me as I genuinely love to use them.

Fusion Mineral Paint™
This beautiful product is a genuine 'Foundation to Finish' furniture paint. The creation of Homestead House in Canada, Fusion Mineral Paint™ is the easiest most fun paint I've ever used. It's a dream to paint with, has amazing coverage due to the fact that it's so highly pigmented, and it needs no primer and NO top coat. Nada. Zippo. None! Of course you CAN add a top coat of the decorative kind....but the point is that you don't have to.

The colour range is to die for and it comes in very handy 500ml pots so you don't have to buy a whole litre of the one colour. Most times a 500ml pot is plenty for your average project/chest of drawers/buffet. And if you are anything like me you get bored after one colour and want to try another. Put your hand up if you have a cupboard full of half used 1 litre tins. too. No longer, thanks to Fusion :).

The Fusion range also answers the need we have for 'extras'. Embossing Paste, Crackle Medium, Ultra Grip (for tricky surfaces like laminate & glass) gorgeous rich Metallics, Decoupage & Transfer Gel and the latest and greatest addition to the line up FRESCO! Fresco is the answer to all things ages, weathered, worn, sea swept and is the best fun you've had since finger painting as a kid! Brilliant stuff! Zero VOC's and safe enough to use on your children's toys and furniture, Fusion Mineral Paint™ & products are a head above the rest in every way.

Fusion is NOT chalk's a purpose designed furniture paint. Fusion contains a high percentage of acrylic resin which means that once it's curing time is over (21-30 days) it dries really really hard so it's extra durable. Fusion is a revolutionary kind of paint that eliminates the need for a primer and requires very little preparation. Just a light sand, clean down your piece and paint away.And with the help of Ultra Grip you can transform metal, ceramics, glass, stone, plastic, plaster, in fact almost anything! No need for expensive primers and sweating it out sanding or stripping varnishes off! Could it really be that simple?

Yes! And because it's so simple it's FUN!

Give Fusion Mineral Paint a try! You won't regret it one little bit, I promise.

If you'd like a few ideas or a little bit of inspiration, take a quick look at my Transformations page!