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This was a little project my daughter Anna worked on. Such a pretty little telephone seat with delicate long Queen Anne legs but the brown just wasn’t attractive and it just would not fit in with the decor a modern home.
Webster's Chalk Paint PowderA few coats of our favourite white Antique White USA mixed with Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder and it was already looking sleek and modern.
For the seat upholstery Anna chose an attractive fabric with a gold print on a black background that suited the piece perfectly.
Webster's Chalk Paint Powder
How quickly a piece can go from old fashioned to ‘Modern Statement Piece’! Whilst we certainly have no use for a telephone seat these days, this would be a perfect entry piece, somewhere to pop your keys and sunnies and sit to put on or remove your shoes.
This piece has already been snapped up however the Black Vintage Phone is available for purchase for $65.
Webster's Chalk Paint PowderWebster's Chalk Paint PowderWebster's Chalk Paint PowderFooter

I’ve been wanting to create a large French Provincial Style mirror for my own bedroom for the longest time. I have made a few to sell and watched them go with wistful eyes, but not this time!
The hold up has been the style of my bedroom…which was about as far from French and pretty as one could get!

I’ve been on a mission to change that over the last few months and I am *very* close to sharing my room makeover with you all – it just needs a little more ‘transforming’ first. Suffice to say that I already love my new room and this beauty is just lighting it up with all sorts of wonderful!

This is what my mirror started out as.Websters Chalk Paint Powder AustraliaNow before anyone yells at me for destroying a perfectly good painting, I don’t believe this was a significant piece of art. I remember when I was 18 years old, stopping in a shopping centre at Knox and watching with amazement as a fellow painted an enormous painting just like this one…in 12 minutes!!…. and popped it in a glamorous gold frame when it was barely even dry. I was so impressed that I bought the painting and had it until very recently when it no longer went with any part of my decor. The style was almost identical to this one and many others I see in similarly ornate frames. The fact is that like many older pieces of furniture people, don’t want them and I have now picked up 3 at garage sales for under $40 each. If nothing else, that gorgeous frame deserves to be seen…and so it shall!

I set to work on it,mixing Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder in with each lot of paint – first a mid grey, then sponged with a lighter silver grey, followed by some extensive dry brushing with antique white. I dry brushed the ornate corners with a darker grey to accentuate them and add some extra depth.
I rubbed a good covering of L’Essentiel Dark Wax over the whole frame and wiped off the excess, but for the first time ever I decided it wasn’t the look I was going for. I wanted ‘soft and pretty’ on this piece and the dark waxed aged it a little too much.
So off with the dark wax (a little White Spirits on a soft cloth is perfect for removing wax) and a generous coat of Miss Mustard Seeds White Wax and my pretty ‘just as I pictured it’ French Provincial frame was done!
Off to the local Glaziers ‘Bettsy’s Glass’ for a custom cut and fitted mirror and less than 24 hours later this magnificent mirror is gracing my bedroom wall and making me smile with delight.
What do you think? Isn’t it pretty!French Style Mirror - Websters Chalk Paint PowderFrench Provincial Mirror MakeoverFrench Style Mirror - Websters Chalk Paint PowdeMaking a beautiful mirror just like this one is easier than you think! Just get yourself some Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder HERE, , mix with any matt or low sheen acrylic paint, find a pretty frame and just paint! If mirrors aren’t your thing then why not make a unique blackboard with your pretty frame instead! I’d love to see it if you decide to have a go!

Here in Australia we are in full swing into Spring and in just over two weeks it will officially be SUMMER! Woot! For me, Summer means long warm days and many hours spent transforming tired old pieces of furniture into pieces that can be enjoyed and appreciated for many more years. Love it! And what better way to welcome the sunshine than with the beautiful rich butter yellow that is Miss Mustard Seed’s ‘Mustard Seed Yellow’. It’s such a happy colour and when distressed or allowed to go ‘chippy’ to show through the dark wood underneath it just really sings. Mustard Seed Yellow Australia

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaMiss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaMiss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint AustraliaBefore & After. This piece is now available for sale on the ‘Pieces For Sale’ page.Milk Paint AustraliaMustard Seed Yellow AustraliaFooter