In my search for the best paint products to sell in my store, I narrowed it down to these few. Yes there are plenty more, but these products resonated with me as I genuinely love to use them.

Webster's Chalk Paint Powder
An absolute gem in the furniture painting world. Webster's is the answer to affordability & versatility. It can be added to any low sheen or flat paint....any brand, any make chalk style paint. Sample pot plus Webster's = paint a chest of drawers for under $12.

Webster's is my absolute 'go to' for custom painting jobs when a colour match or affordability are crucial. It also means I can use mis-tints from the local paint shop and paint pieces for pocket change. Win! Paint on metal, plastic, fabric, varnished finishes, pretty much anything.

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint
Old fashioned Milk Paint. It's what all the older style furniture was painted with and the ONLY product that can give you that authentic 'painted 100 years ago' chippy look that we all love so much. Don't like the chippy look? (why on earth not?) , then just add Bonding Agent and full opaque coverage is literally at your fingertips. LOVE this paint. LOVE the pretty girly packaging, LOVE the colour range and the fact that I can mix my own custom colours. LOVE....okay I love everything about Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. What's not to love?

Fusion Mineral Paint
The new kid on the block! This one is a genuine 'Foundation to Finish' furniture paint. The creation of Homestead House in Canada (where MMS Milk Paint is manufactured), Fusion is the easiest most fun paint I've ever used. It's a dream to paint with, has amazing coverage due to the fact that it's so highly pigmented, and it needs no primer and NO top coat. Nada. Zippo. None. Of course you can add a top coat of the decorative kind....but the point is that you don't have to.

The colour range is to die for and it comes in very handy 500ml pots so you don't have to buy a whole litre of the one colour. Most times a 500ml pot is plenty for your average project/chest of drawers/buffet. And if you are anything like me you get bored after one colour and want to try another. Put your hand up if you have a cupboard full of half used 1 litre tins. too. No longer, thanks to Fusion :). The Fusion range also answers the need we have for 'extras'. Embossing Paste, Texturiser, Crackle, Tints, Gilding Pastes, Stencils. Fun stuff!

L'Essentiel Waxes
I love to support Aussie made when I can and L'Essentiel Waxes are at the top of my all time favourite Aussie made products. All natural with no harmful nasties in them at all, L'Essentiel solvent free waxes go on like a dream and smell even better. No stickiness, streakiness, elbow grease, excessive buffing and fume induced headaches.
This stuff will rekindle your love of furniture waxing. Believe me.

So what's the difference between Chalk Paint & Milk Paint? Read on!

Chalk Paint is NOT chalkboard's a completely different thing. Chalk Paint is a revolutionary kind of paint that allows you to paint straight onto varnished and pre-painted surfaces with little to no preparation. You can even paint straight onto metal, ceramics, glass, stone, plastic, plaster, in fact almost anything! No need for expensive primers and sweating it out sanding or stripping varnishes off, you just wipe your piece down and start painting! Could it really be that simple? Yes! And because it's so simple it's FUN!

Milk Paint is a powdered, no VOC's product that can be traced back all the way to ancient carvings and art. It is safe for children's furniture, painting projects indoors and use during pregnancy. It is made of only five natural ingredients – clay, limestone, chalk, casein (milk protein) and iron oxides for pigments.
Milk Paint powder is mixed with water to make up the paint and dries very hard. It will soak into unfinished timber creating a solid finish that will not chip or can be made into a raw wood 'stain' by diluting it further with more water.

Painting Milk Paint on varnished surfaces will often result in the old fashioned‘chippy'look which is very hard to achieve with Chalk Paint and is also easy to distress. You can also achieve an opaque finish with Milk Paint by adding some Bonding Agent to the paint mix. Sanding Milk Paint before finishing with either furniture wax or hemp oil will produce a divinely smooth finish.

If you'd like to try some Milk Paint or Fusion Mineral Paint we have sample sizes of both products for you to try for just a few dollars. Click HERE for MMSMP or HERE for Fusion sample products.

You won't regret it one little bit, I promise.

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